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Accessories for Work & home, plus diy kits and local workshops


Polymer Clay workshops in brisbane & ipswich

Host aprivate event at your place or grab a ticket to a public event, open toeveryone! The most popular class is the polymer clay earrings, but I also teachhair clips, necklaces, lanyards, keychains, fairy doors and mini planters!


"Sopleased I attended the earring-making workshop with Brooke! She was so friendlyand knowledgeable, and I'm amazed at the earrings I was able to make. Woulddefinitely attend another of Brooke's workshops!"

"Theworkshop was so much fun! Brooke showed us how to do different techniques andprovided us with some examples. She gave us full creative freedom and didn'teven put a limit on how many things we could make. I didn't expect to leavewith anything I would actually wear but thought the class would be a good time.I ended up loving my creations and wear them all the time."

"Brookewas excellent and everything was provided. I could play all arvo but before weknew it, it was over. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it 👍"

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