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Common Questions:

Can I upgrade to express shipping? Yes, this can be done at checkout. Remember that express shipping is not the same as a "rush order". We work our way down the list in the order that they come in. Upgrading to express shipping does not push your order up the list, but Australia Post will deliver it faster. So both standard and express orders will be dropped off to Australia Post within 3-5 business days. 

What is your address? The Blushery Studio address is 192 Evans Road, Salisbury QLD 4107 and our opening hours are:

What are your opening hours? Tuesday - Friday 9:30am - 4pm, and Saturday 10am - 2pm.

When are workshops held? Workshops are held outside of the opening hours listed above. Workshops are always held on different dates and times, for example, we hold polymer clay earring workshops on Friday nights, Saturday nights, Sunday mornings or Sunday afternoons. We have no pattern or schedule, but try to have a variety of dates and times. Private events can be scheduled anytime outside of opening hours.

Can I bring food and drink into the studio? Yes! We want you to make yourself at home and enjoy hanging out in the studio for hours! Because we do not SELL food and drink, feel free to bring in anything you would like! We have a fridge and freezer if needed, as well as a microwave, and you are welcome to make yourself a coffee or tea in our kitchen.