About Us

brookly, the owner of blushery. read my story below

Hi! My name is Brooklyn and I am the owner of Blushery & The Blushery Studio! I am a Canadian who moved to Australia 14 years ago! I have 2 daughters, ages 8 and 5. Life is chaos, and I love it!

When I first started Blushery 8 years ago, I made silicone beaded accessories. As soon as I discovered polymer clay, everything changed! My polymer clay lanyards were discovered by teachers and other professionals all around the world!

I officially opened my own store & workshop studio in 2021 and for 2 years we were wildly successful! But with the interest rate rises and cost of living increases in 2023, we saw a significant decrease in sales that means that the studio is no longer affordable. We are in the processes of transitioning back to the home-based business that we were from 2016 - 2021! Please follow our journey on Instagram!

Please reach out if you have feedback, words of encouragement, improvement suggestions or anything else! I would love to speak to you here! I hope you find a few fun items that will add a bit of sparkle to your everyday life. Happy shopping!

Brooklyn xx