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About Me

Hi! My name is Brooklyn and I am the owner of Blushery. I am a Canadian, married to an Australian and Ipswich QLD has been my home for over 11 years now! We have 2 daughters, ages 5 and 2.5. Life is chaos, and we love it!

When I first started Blushery 5 years ago, I created and sold silicone jewellery for mums and bubs. I quickly started gravitating towards lanyards though, and once I discovered polymer clay, I was absolutely hooked! I am a big-time introvert, so spending hours and hours alone in my studio creating beautiful beads is simultaneously productive and rejuvenating!

As Blushery has grown and changed, I have developed 2 new beliefs. The first, and the one that I feel most passionately about, it that KEYS don’t have to be boring! We carry them with us everyday, wherever we go so why not give them some personality?! My aim is to offer a wide variety of accessories to liven up those little chunks of metal! 

The second belief is in the importance of a beautiful workspace. We spend so much of our lives working. Its proven that a workspace that brings you joy also makes you more productive! I especially like taking ordinary things and giving them some style, and so the Blushery magnets and thumb tacks were born! 

Please reach out if you have feedback, words of encouragement, improvement suggestions or anything else! I would love to speak to you here! I hope you find a few fun items that will add a bit of sparkle to your everyday life. Happy shopping!