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About Me

Hi! My name is Brooklyn and I am the owner of Blushery. I am a Canadian, married to an Australian and Ipswich QLD has been my home for over 12 years now! We have 2 daughters, ages 5 and 3. Life is chaos, and we love it!

When I first started Blushery 5 years ago, I created and sold silicone jewellery for mums and bubs. I quickly started gravitating towards lanyards though, and once I discovered polymer clay, I was absolutely hooked! I am a big-time introvert, so spending hours and hours alone in my studio creating beautiful beads is simultaneously productive and rejuvenating!

My obsession with lanyards naturally carried Blushery into the big-wide-world of TEACHER ACCESSORIES! Teachers love Blushery lanyards, and now I offer a whole range of "workplace" or "classroom" accessories that are collected by teachers all around the world!
When COVID came around I had to pivot! Teachers were not in classrooms wearing cute lanyards and earrings and so I developed a great little DIY polymer clay earring kit and lanyard kit which became instant bestsellers and now the DIY kits are a HUGE part of Blushery, as well as teaching workshops in Brisbane/Ipswich!
TODAY!!! I am in the processes of opening a commercial space for Blushery! The Blushery Studio serves 3 purposes: It is a retail shop for all of the products you see here on the website. It's also a bigger working area/storage area for me and my team! And it's a place where you can come and get creative! There is a large workshop area for all workshops moving forward AND you can also come in during the week to have a go at building your own jewellery!

Please reach out if you have feedback, words of encouragement, improvement suggestions or anything else! I would love to speak to you here! I hope you find a few fun items that will add a bit of sparkle to your everyday life. Happy shopping!