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Resin Earring Making Workshop | 5-10 Pairs

The resin earring class was great. Brooklyn was super helpful answering any questions and helping us all to mix up wonderful colours. It was lots of fun and was great to see how creative everyone was with their colours to make a huge range of earrings. I can't wait to go back and assemble my pieces to make some amazing earring sets! - Haylie

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Enjoy a fun and educational night of learning to earring making with RESIN at our Brisbane workshop studio! Resin is a medium that has gained a lot of popularity recently, but not a lot of people have had a chance to try it! Bring the wine and your friends, and let's get arty!

  • 1-2 hour workshop
  • Guided by an experienced resin earring maker
  • Your choice of style - big, small, bright, neutral, ect..
  • Your choice to complete 1 mold (roughly 5 pairs of earrings, $60) or 2 molds (roughly 10 pairs of earrings $90)
  • Come back once your pieces are cured to assemble your earrings in our DIY jewellery studio, where you have full access to our complete range of stainless steel earring findings.
*We provide aprons during the workshop BUT resin can be messy and we still recommend that you don't wear your favourite outfit! Secondly, resin can have a chemical smell to it. We have nice high ceilings and a large space to do this activity safely, but please consider whether this workshop is right for you.



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What Happens Next?

Workshop tickets are booked through Classbento. You will be re-directed to Classbento to book your tickets and optional grazing box.

After you purchase your tickets, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from "The Blushery Studio Via Classbento". This email containts a PHOTO which has all of the important details about your workshop.

Resin Safety

Resin is classified as "hazardous" according to the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC).

Some types and brands of resin are more toxic than others. At Blushery, we have chosen to use Just Resin Artcast Slow 3:1. This resin has a low toxicity compared to others on the market. The safety data sheets can be found here  and here and should be read thoroughly before deciding to participate in a resin workshop.

Participants in a resin workshop MUST be aged 12+ with an accompanying adult. Age 16+ are able to participate on thier own. We do not recommend this workshop to pregnant women.


As recommended on the safety data sheets:

Ventilators are required where there is inadequate ventilation. The Blushery studio is a large room with 3.1 meter high ceilings, and pedestal fans are used to push the air towards the open door. 

*In the event that a participant's breathing is affected by the use of resin, they will be immediately moved outside to recover, and will be closely monitored so see if further action needs to be taken. Medical treatment may be required if symptoms worsen.

Eye protection is recommended if your application of the resin could cause splashback. However, in a resin earring workshop, small amounts of resin are stirred slowly and carefully poured into earring molds. Therefore, "splashing" is extremely unlikely. 

*In the event that a participant gets resin in their eye, the eye will be immediately rinsed thoroughly with water. Medical treatment may be needed if symptoms worsen.

Gloves are recommended to prevent resin from coming in contact with the skin. All participants in a resin workshop are provided with gloves. 

*In the event that a participant develops irritation to the skin, the area will be thoroughly washed with soap and water. Medical treatment may be required if symptoms worsen.


Heating/torching resin:

Applying heat/flame to resin once poured is a method used to bring air bubbles to the surface for a glossy finish. This is a technique that we have chosen NOT to use in our workshops, as heating the resin causes more vapours to be released from the resin. 

Curing time:

Resin takes 48 hours to set. Earring pieces can be assembled after 48 hours. Resin serving boards and trays are taken home on the night, but 7 days must go past before the FULL curing process is complete, and boards can be used with food.


We are insured

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE to the sum of 20,000,000
Insurers: Bizcover
Policy Number: 118U652535BPK

Once the Resin is Cured

Resin takes 24-48 hours to cure. You will leave your resin earrings with us to cure. Come back to the studio to assemble your resin earrings using our huge selection of earring findings and other earring connector pieces. This is all part of your ticket price!

You are welcome to drop in anytime during our opening hours to assemble your earrings (Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-4pm, Saturday 10am-2pm) but if these hours do not suit you, please contact us to arrange an alternative date/time.


You are able to reschedule your workshop up to 2 days before the event. You can do this yourself by following the prompts in the ticket confirmation email.

We do not offer refunds, but your ticket can be changed to "to be confirmed", which means that you can choose a date later. Essentially, you will have a credit waiting for you whenever you decide to book in. You have 1 year to use your credit, and it can be used on ANY Blushery workshop (doesn't have to be the same one you booked originally).

If your workshop is less than 2 days away and you are unable to attend, unfortunately we do not offer refunds or class credits. This is because we have lost the opportunity to sell your ticket to someone else. Please understand that many events (such as sporting events and concerts) do not offer last minute refunds/transfers, and we have implemented similar policies. If you are unable to attend and the workshop is within 2 days, a friend or family member is able to take your place.

If our teachers are away sick or if minimum ticket numbers are not met, classes are subject to change. This happens rarely, but if we are unable to hold the event for any reason, you will be given the option of a refund or reschedule.

Food & Drink

The Blushery Studio is a BYO venue! Bring any food and beveridges that you want! Glassware is provided for your use.

Mimimum Age

For resin workshops only, we adhere to a strict 12+ minimum age PLUS AN ACCOMPANYING ADULT. Resin is a serious chemical and as a way to mitigate the risks, we are firm with this policy. Kids aged 16+ may participate on their own.

Other workshops have lower minimum ages, please view each workshop for details.