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Polymer Clay Kit EXTRAS

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Add ons:

Recommended: SCRAP CLAY - If you are a beginner with polymer clay, it can be intimidating to start working with the beautiful colours included in your kit! That's why I am now offering scrap clay to practice on before you get stuck into the good stuff! You will receive 3x 9.5g scrap colours (colours mixed together that aren't necessarily nice to look at) that you will not hesitate to get your hands into straight away!

Additional Clay - Sold in small 9.5 gram "blocks". The standard DIY kits contain 8 colours. Each additional colour costs $2. I have/can create almost any colour! If I cannot give you the requested colour, I will contact you. Some fun ideas: Speckled white, speckled blue, terracotta, glow in the dark, neon pink or yellow, silver or gold... 

Second Clay Palette - Choose a second colour palette (8 colours) to be included in your kit (Earthy, Royal, Pastel, Etc..)

Additional Earring Hardware - Double what is included in the standard kit (10 pairs of earring components + 40 jump rings).

Additional Glitter Pots - A standard DIY kit contains 2 glitter colours. Each additional glitter colour is $2. Every colour of the rainbow is available!

Additional Keyring Hardware - The standard DIY keychain kits include hardware for 3 creations. Extra hardware will include ANOTHER 3 clasps and 3 cords and costs $10.

Additional Lanyard Hardware - The standard DIY lanyard kits include hardware for 3 creations. Extra hardware will include ANOTHER 3 clasps, 3 cords, 3 tube beads, and 3 breakaway clasps and costs $12.

Additional Fridge Magnets - The standard fridge magnet kit contains 12 magnets. Extra magnets will include another set of 6 magnets and costs $6

Recommended: Oven Thermometer - This thermometer goes INSIDE the oven with your clay, so keeping an eye on the temperature is very easy. If you have burned clay before OR you know that your oven is unreliable, I recommend purchasing this!

Jewellery Pliers - Pliers may or may not be needed to complete your earrings. The jump rings are very thin and easy to open and close with just your fingers, however, pliers certainly do help. And if you are lacking in finger strength, pliers are recommended.

Hair Clips - The standard hair clip kit contains 6 hair clips and a hair clip cutter. Add 3 extra hair clips for $6

Hair Clip Shape Cutter - Recommended if you want to make a few hair clips but have not purchased the complete kit. $2

Please leave a detailed description of your extra bits and pieces in the "instructions to seller" box when you checkout, including colour choices, gold or silver hardware, and any other specifics. 

I am more than happy to chat to you about your project, what you are wanting to achieve and what/how many extras I recommend for your project. Send me an email through the Contact page, or chat to me through Facebook or Instagram :)