Private Events @ The Blushery Studio

private events at the Blushery studio in Brisbane are perfect for birthday, hens, bridal shower party

Private events at The Blushery Studio (Brisbane), or we can travel to YOU! Great for team bonding, birthday parties, hens, showers, work Christmas parties or just for fun!

What type of workshops are available right now and how much do they cost per person?
  • Polymer clay earrings $80 per person
  • Polymer clay variety class (earrings, beads, etc..) $80 per person
  • Build your own earrings $95 per person
  • Build your own lanyards keychains, necklaces $80 per person
  • Polymer clay mini planters and herb markers $75 per person
  • Polymer clay fairy doors (great for kids parties!) $60 per person (class only goes for 1 hour)
  • Acrylic painting $50 per person

What is the difference between “polymer clay” classes and “build your own” classes?

  • In “polymer clay” workshops, we work with raw clay to create our pieces. These are then taken home in a cardboard box to be baked and assembled (polymer clay is an oven-bake clay that needs to be baked at a low 130°C to cure). You will leave with everything you need (including written instructions) to complete the project at home. This workshop is best suited to creative people who are keen to get stuck into a project!
  • In “Build your own” workshops, we mix and match pre-made jewellery pieces and assemble them into ready-to-wear accessories! There is no skill required for this workshop except the ability to use small jewellery pliers!

How long does a private event go for?

  • Workshops are generally 3 hours long. You will also have access to the studio before class to set up any decorations/food/drinks. You will also have time after the studio to pack down/do a quick clean. So in total, the studio is yours for 5 hours. You can choose to reserve the studio for longer for an additional cost.

What is the minimum number of people/minimum cost for a private event?

  • The minimum number of guests for a private workshop is 10. If you have less than 10 people, you can still have your event but will need to pay for 10 tickets total. Or the cost of the extra tickets can be divided equally and added onto each guests ticket price. For example, if you only have 9 guests for a polymer clay earring class ($80 per person), someone will have to pay the missing $80, OR each of the 9 guests can pay $88.88.

Private events outside of the studio:

  • We can travel to YOU for your event! We charge a $100 travel fee on top of the cost of tickets. This fee covers the time it takes to pack up our supplies & materials, and the time traveling to and from your location. As above, the minimum number of guests for a private event is 10 people.

Can we bring our own food and alcohol?

  • Yes! The Blushery Studio is a BYO venue! Feel free to bring anything you would like! I offer some serving trays and glasswear for your use, which must be hand-washed at the end of your event. Alternatively, you can pay a $50 cleaning fee for us to do this for you!

Can my event be catered?

  • Yes! We can take this off of your plate for you! Fees apply on top of the cost of the catering. HOWEVER*** We are not a licensed venue and we cannot supply or sell alcohol to you. Alcohol is strictly BYO!