Which brand of polymer clay is best for earring making?

Which brand of polymer clay is best for earring making?

As a professional earring maker, and a professional polymer clay teacher, I have tried many different brands of clay over the years!

Of course every maker has their own personal preference. Different hands have different techniques, and what works for me might not work for you. But here are my recommended clays, the pros and cons of each, and where you can get them! 

Of course first, I will mention our own DIY polymer clay earring making kit, which has been an official bestseller on Etsy for 3 years, and we have sold about 3,000 kits worldwide with hundreds of 5-star reviews! Do we have the best earring making kit in Australia? I think the feedback from our customers speaks for itself! You can jump over to view our DIY earring kit by clicking here!

diy polymer clay earring making kit


The DIY kit above takes the guesswork out of shopping for your polymer clay, your tools, and your instruction sheets and videos! Everything you need is already in the kit. So if you aren't sure whether earring making is for you YET, the kit is a great place to start! 

The brand of clay that we include in our DIY kits is Mont Marte clay. Mont Marte clay has unfortunately been given a bad rap online by PROFESSIONAL earring makers. However, as our DIY kit is for beginners, we believe that Mont Marte is the perfect clay to learn with! 

It's true that Mont Marte clay doesn't have the luxurious finish that other brands do. However, it is extremely EASY to work with, without the need for professional tools! You can make fabulous earrings for yourself and your friends super easily with Mont Marte clay!

If you are ready to take your earring making up a notch, perhaps to start SELLING, then here are some clay brands to try:

Premo Sculpey

Pros  Cons
  • Professional look and feel
  • Durable and strong
  • Does not break easily
  • Large range of colours
  • High demand means popular colours are often sold out
  • Higher price-point
  • Quite firm, and requires lots of softening before use, ideally with a pasta machine


Sculpey Souffle

Pros  Cons
  • Extremely professional look and feel
  • The lightest clay
  • Durable and strong
  • Does not break easily
  • High demand means popular colours are often sold out
  • Very high price-point
  • Requires softening with a pasta machine
  • Smaller range of colours


Sculpey III

Pros  Cons
  • Professional look and feel
  • Does not require softening. It's great for kids!
  • Large range of colours
  • Lower demand means it's easier to find online and in-store
  • Lower price-point
  • Breaks easily
  • Can be too soft for very small details


Mont Marte

Pros  Cons
  • Soft and easy to work with
  • Does not require softening
  • Large range of colours
  • Very easy to find
  • Low price-point
  • A slightly heavier clay
  • Has a "rubbery" finish
  • Can be TOO soft at times


If you would like to work with top-quality clay, our ULTIMATE earring making kit is for you! The ULTIMATE earring kit contains Sculpey Souffle and Premo. It also contains the polymer clay press, heavy duty roller, the ceramic tile, and all of the other tools necessary to work with this firm brand of clay.


If you are wanting to buy tools and material individually instead of one of our complete kits, here is a list of tools and materials that are needed, and you can find some of these in our "tools and supplies" section:

  • Polymer clay
  • Shape cutters (metal or plastic)
  • Earring findings
  • Glue
  • Acrylic or non-stick roller
  • Depth guides
  • Ceramic tile (as a work surface)

Other great Australian businesses to check out are: Jewellery Supplies Co, and Blackbird and Violet


I hope that this has helped you on your polymer clay journey! Feel free to reach out with any questions, and happy making!

Brooklyn xx